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Matron of Honor

Photo of Amy Schroeder
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Amy Schroeder

Amy has been my best friend for over a decade now after first meeting in high school. She was my very first roommate when I moved out on my own and has always been an incredible friend. Sharing a love of line dancing and watching Gossip Girl; no matter how many times we've both seen it. Amy is one of the most loyal people I know, and I couldn’t be happier to have her standing by my side on this wonderful day. Amy is also one of the quirkiest people I know – and with moves like hers, I have no doubt she’ll be the first one up on the dance floor at the wedding!


Photo of Kelcey Morse
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Kelcey Morse

Kelcey and I met through Amy and we hit it off immediately! Sharing a love of all things nerdy and even getting a little competitive at times; damn Kavus. No matter what though I always know I can count on her. Kelcey has an extremely big heart and having her here means the world to me! Kelcey loves to discuss anything and everything nerdy. So be sure to find her at the reception if you’re up for a fun conversation (that’s if you can keep up!).

Photo of Shelby Miller
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Shelby Miller

Shelby and I have known each other for many years now going back to our eighteen and up nights at the good ole 'Cactus Canyon.' Shelby has always been one to help rangel our crazy lives to make sure we let loose and get some much needed girl's time together. Shelby has an infectious personality and is always the life of the party. No matter how hard life can seem she always seems to put a smile on everyone's face. If I am ever in need of a confidence boost she's my gal!

Best Man

Seth holds a special place in my heart as my youngest brother. From the moment he came into this world, I felt an instant bond with him and knew I had a responsibility to protect him in any way I could. Despite the eight-year age difference between us, we have always shared an incredibly close relationship. Together, we have embraced a wide range of interests that may have raised eyebrows with our parents - everything from heavy metal music to a sarcastic attitude, tattoos, and piercings. We cherish every bit of it. However, it is not just my influence that has shaped Seth's life. In fact, he has impacted mine in a far more profound way. Growing up, Seth endured relentless bullying that could have shattered his spirit. Yet, he remains undeniably compassionate, wearing his tender heart on his sleeve. I gaze up at my youngest brother with awe and deep admiration.

Photo of Seth Breen
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Seth Breen


Tommy is not just a friend, he's my oldest pal and the one person I can always count on. Our moms were roommates back in college, so our bond goes way back to the day we were born. It's funny how different we are - I tend to keep to myself while Tommy is outgoing and expressive. But surprisingly, we complement each other perfectly. Tommy has this incredible way of bringing out my hidden extroverted side. Whenever I needed it, he's been there with open arms, like a true brother, and he's always provided me with the guidance and encouragement I needed to step outside my comfort zone.

Photo of Tommy Gilmore
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Tommy Gilmore

Ryan is not just any brother-in-law to me, he is someone who holds a special place in my heart. Our bond was formed in the most unexpected way, while browsing through a Kate Spade store. That same night, Kaitlyn, Kaila, Ryan, and I spent the night together at an amazing arcade bar called 1Up. That night, Ryan warmly accepted me into his family, though he kept a close watch on my every move with his beloved sister. Since then, we have shared countless game nights, dominating our partners in corn-hole like pros, but losing miserably in 'Blockbuster' because of my lack of movie knowledge. Despite it all, Ryan is a man of integrity and someone I truly admire. I consider it a privilege to have him as my brother-in-law.

Photo of Ryan Spitz
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Ryan Spitz

Photo of Carlton Coconut
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Meet Carlton the Coconut, our very first mutual friend! He is the kind of companion who is truly there for you, always ready to lend an ear and eagerly listen to all the amazing adventures you share with him. In fact, Carlton takes delight in being a great listener, valuing your stories and experiences above all else. So go ahead and pour your heart out to Carlton, because he's here to make your conversations truly special by being the ultimate listener!

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