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Kaitlyn close up by a river



Katie-B was born and raised in Northern Colorado. She holds family values above all else, always making it clear to everyone she meets that her mother, Cindy, and her younger brother, Ryan, are her best friends. Kaitlyn spent nearly a decade working in the healthcare world and later transitioned into her career as a probation officer. Kaitlyn finally found a challenging enough opponent in Mario Kart and a warrior druid to need her healing capabilities in World of Warcraft. Traveling the World has always been Kaitlyn's dream, but now that she's found her best friend and soulmate to travel with, she feels like she's been blessed to see the World from on top of Cloud 9.

Mathew close up by a river



Matty-Bob was born and raised in Southern California. Mathew fell in love with the beauty of Colorado and moved there in 2021. For half a decade, Mathew worked in the emergency medical world and continues to help others in their time of need, working as a workplace health specialist. He takes after his grandfather in his love for strategy games and puzzles. Mathew loves the late nights he and Kaitlyn spend together playing Magic the Gathering, Hues and Cues, and various video games. Mathew will always appreciate Kaitlyn's ability to make him hysterically laugh and realize that life is too short to be anything but positive.

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Our Story
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How We Met Ticket
How we met ticket back
The Proposal
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The Proposal

Mathew had plotted a scheme, with the help of his and Kailtyn's family, to play a phrase-guessing game. In this game, a player puts on a pair of noise-canceling headphones and attempts to guess what their partner is saying to them. After a few rounds of Kaitlyn's family playing, Mathew put the pair of headphones over Kaitlyn's ears. Listening to one of their shared favorite songs (another band they have seen live together), Kaitlyn tried many times to guess what Mathew was saying to her. At first, she thought Mathew had said "What are you wearing?" Next, she made many guesses that the phrase had something to do with a wallet, repeating the word wallet many many times. At one point she believed she noticed Mathew's mouth say the word "marry." Saying to him in an uncertain joyous tremble, "What?" she watched him repeat the phrase once more while mouthing the words herself. It clicked. She knew for certain, and he could tell. He got onto one knee and presented the ring to her. Kaitlyn said yes. She teared up while her mother yelled, "Take off the headphones." Mathew and Kaitlyn embraced each other tightly, but little did she know, Mathew's parents were also there watching. Mathew turned Kaitlyn around to surprise her for the second time. Both sides of the family hugged, laughed, cried, and spent the evening together celebrating.

Kaitlyn and Mathew ring
Kaitlyn Said Yes
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